Before you List Advisory™  is comprised of a group of local professionals who have extensive knowledge of market conditions within the community.

They will provide the answer to your immediate market questions or concerns.

They also represent a pool of home buyers that may have an interest in purchasing your home.

You are under no obligation; our Advisory group will simply survey the group and provide professional feedback as to the potential sale price and market timing as well as offer buying options should you wish to acquire another home.

According to a recent survey:

House for Sale

76% of respondents are considering placing their home on the market but are reluctant to do so.

House for Sale

In response to the question, “What would motivate them to sell?” 60.2% of respondents stated that “securing their next home before selling would play a factor,

House for Sale

16.2% would make the move if they knew their current home could sell for asking price or top market price.

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